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This is the Ringmistress. Your guide into the dark and mysterious world of strange and bizarre characters who populate this unearthly, erotic, mystical underworld.


Black Circus is an epic body of work that weaves it’s way through my life as an artist. It is a never ending story that emerges then disappears only to reemerge time and again. 


At it’s heart it is the timeless fable of the battle between good and evil. In it’s soul it is a company of enchanting and bewitching characters in constant search of a story.


Through the twin subcultures of the Carnival and the Erotic Underground some fifty fully developed characters are deployed to relate the zeitgeist of our time. These narratives are woven with the threads of the intimate and global existence that makes up the small and large history of our lives. 


Black Circus has travelled the world. It was born on the west coast of Canada. It crossed the Atlantic for it’s European debut in Germany, then Belgium. It navigated an ocean and a continent yet again to become a soaring meteor in Hollywood landing in the collections of celebrities such as Vin Diesel, Dr Dre, Fred Durst, Phil Everly, David Caruso and inspiring a theatrical script by iconic author Neil Gaiman. It took to the road anew and found an enthusiastic audiences in London and Madrid. The entity that is Black Circus lives up to it’s name as a gypsy tribe traveling from city to city, country to country, continent to continent to amaze and provoke audiences all over the world.  


It is on the move once more. The Circus is back in town …  

From the deep, silent blackness the figure of a woman steps forward into a pool of light. She stands tall and erect on towering heels. Her pale white face is ringed with a halo of feathers cascading across her shoulders. A fantastic creature of the night. Her voice, beautiful as a songbird and powerful as thunder introduces The Black Circus.


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